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Step into the history of one of the most iconic supercar brands in the world


Many dream of owning one…

Others perhaps are reading these very words while sitting in one of them…

But for a handful of people it will be the chance to get a piece of its history.

September 25, 2021.

It is likely that this date will not be easily forgotten. The reason?

Because a small number of people will have the opportunity to win a piece of history of one of the most iconic SuperCar brands in the world: Lamborghini.

Ferruccio Lamborghini Museum

Indeed, in a few days unique pieces of inestimable value owned by the Lamborghini family will be auctioned…

Unsalable relics that are part of the family’s private collection and that until now could only be admired from a distance at the Ferruccio Lamborghini Museum

A select few will soon able to own them by purchasing their digital representation at an exclusive event organized in collaboration with Elysium Bridge.

The 28 works that will be auctioned have been created through a photographic technique never used before in the world of NFTs…

the event will not be limited only to physical objects digitalized into eternity…

there will also be works created exclusively by four internationally renowned artists who will celebrate Ferruccio Lamborghini and his iconic brand through their art.

Those attending the event will have the opportunity to add to their collection unique pieces that will never be offered for sale again.

Wealth, fame, exclusivity.

These are the feelings evoked by the Lamborghini Brand…

However few people know where they come from…

Why have these SuperCars become the symbol of Bitcoin?

The answer can be found in the story of its founder, Ferruccio Lamborghini, a man whose vision revolutionized the sports car industry.

But behind Ferruccio’s fascinating story there are many more secrets to discover…

and it will only be possible to learn them through the unpublished stories and anecdotes that will accompany the release of the NFTs as the day of the auction approaches.

The works will therefore be not only unique pieces for their own sake, but will also represent a piece of Lamborghini history; anyone possessing them will be able to certify that they own a part of one of the most important SuperCar brands in the world.

This is precisely the goal of Elysium Bridge:

To connect the digital and physical universe, to make works of inestimable value eternal and to give to a select few the chance to take these unique objects home with them.

In order to celebrate in the best possible way Lamborghini’s first ever NFT drop we have used a revolutionary technique never employed before for this type of digital works.

A revolution in the world of NFTs: Light Painting

The relics of the Museum will be immortalized with a particular technology never used in the world of NFTs until now: Light Painting

This is a photographic technique that manages to capture all the details and colors of the physical object with extreme precision, enhancing its beauty in all its nuances.

Whoever obtains these objects will be able to admire in detail NFTs created through digitization of real photographs, with the possibility of enlarging them in order to explore every single detail from all angles and in high resolution.

The works will be signed by Paulo Renftle, official photographer of the Lamborghini family; there will also be memorabilia such as:

The Lamborghini Miura that belonged to Ferruccio himself

The first tractor produced

The only helicopter prototype (dating back to 1959) ever to go into production.

These objects are priceless and the only way to own them is to purchase their digital representation at the September 25th event

Other works will be announced a few days before the start of the auction; they will be photographs belonging to the Lamborghini family that portray Ferruccio in historical moments of his public and private life.

But there is still one last detail that will make this event UNIQUE…

Get the Digital Representation of the Life of the Man Who Changed the Supercar Industry.

The event will also be attended by four internationally renowned artists who will create two works each and will be revealed in the coming weeks as auction day approaches.

We have carefully selected the authors of the works to guarantee an artistic variety that could highlight every aspect linked to the history of this iconic Brand in a unique and original way.

There will be pieces in seventeenth-century and eighteenth-century style for lovers of the Old Masters…

Futuristic works in cyberpunk style for those who prefer contemporary art…

And finally, hyper-realistic portraits in a digital key.

Each artist will honor the story of Ferruccio Lamborghini by using their creations and their art to narrate the milestones in the life of this extraordinary man.

Owning these works means having in your hands the digital representation of the most significant moments in Ferruccio’s life; furthermore, as they are created exclusively for this event, these works of digital art will never be presented to the public again.

Don’t forget to mark September 25 on your calendar and to register at this link to be able to participate in the first NFT drop in the history of SuperCars.

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